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Chris Birch

Absolutely wonderful and creative art, my favourite being the Forest Light although I would display any at home. So proud of your talent Andrew, they all bring a well being feeling.....  Chris Birch.


Hi Chris, thanks for your visit. The 'winter woodland' is one of my favourite landscapes in which to spend some time (most of the Forest Light collection was taken in the colder months). That's good to hear, I hope you're doing okay.....  Andrew.


It’s just wonderful to see your work evolve. Some amazing shots on your Instagram page, really stunning!! Xxx....  Jane.


Thanks Jane. I should really be adding some new shots here as well.... maybe sometime soon. (Instagram username - 'andypixels' for anyone interested).....  Andrew.

Heidi Anne Morris

Oh my Andrew that landing page of trees is most impressive! Well done on the work you must have put in. Very time consuming but def well worth it!....  Heidi Anne Morris.


Thanks for stopping by, Heidi....  Andrew.


Hi Andrew, so impressed with the level of professionalism you achieve with your photography.....  Chris.


Thanks Chris, it's taken a lot of hard work, practice and thousands of images.....  Andrew.

Magi Duarte

Love your images of dandelions and grass, wonderfully done.....  Magi Duarte.


Some of my favourites are amongst those images too. I think close up photography has to be my favourite style. Thanks for your visit Magi, much appreciated....  Andrew.

Tráese Hyssälä

Your work is incredible and inspiring!....  Tráese Hyssälä.


Thank you, so much, Tráese Hyssälä. I'm glad you like it!....  Andrew.

Jane D'Arcy

Andrew good luck with your exhibition, I bet it looks amazing!....  Jane D'Arcy


Thanks Jane. I'm happy with the way it's turned out....  Andrew.

Ian Birch

Very impressed with your work, you have captured some stunning images. Glad to hear you are OK after your close encounter with the fish!....  Ian Birch.


Thanks Ian. Yes doing OK after my little swim. The fish was Britain's largest chub according to the Angler's Mail, I was featured 25/3/2014.....  Andrew.

Serge Pilon

re: december grass gallery - Your grass gallery is just fantastic, the bokeh of those images are out of this world. Keep on shooting great pictures.....  Serge Pilon.

december grass

Lucie Averill

re: summer scene gallery - A stunning set of images, Andrew. What great light and skies....  Lucie Averill.

summer scene

Mackenzie White

I was just looking through your work, and its awesome!!! I absolutely love your style.....  Mackenzie White.

Rosanna Arena

My compliment Andrew .. amazing gallery. Stunning captures, but i knew about you .. through Jane ( I'm Edward's cousin ) You are a very talented artist.....  Rosanna Arena.

Gittan Beheydt

re: dandelion macro gallery - Gorgeous gallery Andrew.. love it!!....  Gittan Beheydt.

dandelion macro

Lee Shirley

Andrew, I like your galleries, the idea of a macro gallery dealing with a single subject is interesting, I may have to borrow your idea!....  Lee Shirley.

Maria Monteiro

Truly beautiful images....  Maria Monteiro.

Philip Lee Miller

highly accomplished and artistic body of work.....  Philip Lee Miller.

Lucie Averill

I think your flower shots are just beautiful!....  Lucie Averill.

Jane Gilyatt

Loved your photographs, wish I could take some like these, they really are special.....  Jane Gilyatt.

Sharon Smith

Absolutely stunning photographs, really beautiful x....  Sharon Smith.

Chris Birch

You have high standards, good to hear your pleased with the camera....  Chris Birch.

Kelly Coultas

Visiting your site via your flickr page--absolutely lovely work! I especially enjoy your abstract photos.....  Kelly Coultas.

lesley mohamad

re: spring blossom gallery - some stunning shots here, Andrew...beautifully toned and composed....  lesley mohamad.

Beryl Watts

Amazing pictures Andy. Thank you for sharing them with us.x....  Beryl Watts.

stef bennett

re: flying seeds gallery - some pretty amazing pics on here. Great work....  stef bennett.

flying seeds


Wonderful work not only the pictures, but also your website :-)....  Krista.

Tammy Schneider (Thymeless)

This is awesome...I loved the visit, Beautiful work!....  Tammy Schneider (Thymeless).

Jim Stough

your work is inspiring and very unique!....  Jim Stough.


your portfolio is looking great, i especially like the black and white page with the red rose as a contrast..beautiful :)....  bec.

Heather Crum

I found your site on myspace and you are an editing genius, and i love your photos! Your hard work has definitely paid off!! Keep up the good work!....  Heather Crum.

Tracey's Photography

hey Andy, great new web site and your images look awesome.....  Tracey's Photography.


Thanks Tracey, it's still early days yet... very much a 'work in progress' and progress has been slow! :) I just can't find enough time!....  Andrew.


It's looking great already!! Love the poppies, they made me smile :)....  bec.


Great internet site. Fantastic job you have done already :) I sure will visit it often.....  OJ.

John Constable

"I never saw an ugly thing in my life: for let the form of an object be what it may - light, shade, and perspective will always make it beautiful".....  John Constable.