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A random selection of twenty-four images, some are taken from other gallery pages, some are exclusive to the random gallery. The reload button found at the bottom of the gallery page will select a new set of images from an ever-increasing pool of images. This reload feature is the same for all gallery pages.

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Typical British Summer scenery mostly captured with an ultra wide angle lens for a wider view. Some of these images have been edited in a high contrast style with enhanced colour, also includes a selection of moody mono images with the same high contrast characteristics. All images were taken in the months of June, July and August at various locations in the southern half of the UK. Similar views can be found across most of the UK during the summer months.

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The Winter wonderland... Early morning in wooded areas with fog and frost and penetrating sunlight. In contrast to the previous gallery, this set captures that magic to be found in the colder months. A natural phenomena, the 'crepuscular ray', features heavily in this gallery. When cold, damp and frost hit ground meets warm sunlit air a mist envelops the land. Illuminated by sunlight, this water vapour glows and anything that gets in the way creates shadow. Just to be there to witness this is special and capturing the moment in a photograph happens to be one of my favourite pastimes.

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An endless fascination... the dandelion. If I had to choose just one macro subject, this would most likely be the one. The shots in this series were taken with a reversed wide angle manual prime lens.

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A similar gallery to the previous but shot in a different style. The subject is also different, this is the seed head of a wild flower called 'Goatsbeard'. Semi silhouettes shot against a bright white background, creates an interesting style. It's as though each image has been sketched with a pencil but is actually a photograph. These are true macro shots.

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Cold frosty nights, crisp sunny mornings. These weather conditions often mean high pressure and high pressure normally means bright sunny days with clear blue sky. This is the best time to capture shots like those found in the December Grass Gallery. Droplets of water on icy grass form in the sun's warmth... (Or you could cheat, like I sometimes do, and use an atomizer spray to create water droplets in which case almost any time of the day will work.) The droplets create interesting patterns when backlit and captured with a shallow depth-of-field. Most shots in this gallery were made early one morning at a clump of grass.... somewhere, using a modified Helios 44m manual lens and Nikon DSLR hand held.

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7: FLORALS            

The Florals Gallery is all about flowers. I'm not mad about flowers but they do make a good subject especially when there's nothing much else to shoot. This is a random collection of images that has accumulated with time. A range of styles, subjects and editing skills can be found in this gallery. Some shots were made indoors and some outdoors with a number of different lenses.

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8: MONOLOG          

Andrew's 'Monolog' was originally an idea for a whole new website containing black and white images only. It was decided instead to create a gallery here combining the same concept with the rest of Andrew's portfolio. The gallery currently contains a random selection of 24 monochromatic images in different styles and tones.

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